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Supercharged Bentgrass is a first ever combination of top-rated bentgrass varieties and revolutionary new Yellow JacketŪ seed coating. These unique bentgrasses are the result of Barenbrug's industry-leading research and development team "supercharging" Tee-2-Green and Barenbrug's world class varieties.

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Turfgrass Blends - (subject to change)

Nassau Suffolk pHD Ryegrass
33% Allstar 2 or 3
33% Gator 2
33% Tophat 2

Nassau Suffolk Rye / Blue
30% Gator 2 perennial ryegrass
30% Tophat 2 perennial ryegrass
20% Rhythm Kentucky bluegrass
20% Rhapsody Kentucky Bluegrass

Nassau Suffolk Rye / Blue / Fescue
30% Tophat 2 perennial ryegrass
30% Gator 2 perennial ryegrass
10% Rhythm Kentucky bluegrass
10% Rhapsody Kentucky bluegrass
10% Longfellow II Chewing fescue
10% Cindy Lou Creeping red fescue

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